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Annie **********
December 7th, 2009
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Free Write

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I could almost dance to the beat of our feet. Mine barely touch the ground. I can hear his crushing the delicate fiddle heads. This pandemonium of synchronized steps is making me wonder how long before I get tired or How long before I trip or fall? How long until he cuts me off to stop me? How long before i reach the edge of the World?

The cliff isn’t far now. 20 miles at the most. I can smell the salty sandstone. I can smell the ledge, covered with sage and violets. Weedy vines twisting their way through the lives of the beautiful life fulled flora.

15 miles now. The seagulls wings beating feverishly against the wind. His cries remind me of the pursuit behind me. I push harder, and harder and faster than Victor can speed up to in his thoughts.

Seven or eight miles now. I need to think clearly, I need to in vision the cliff. Remember its vertical climb, remember its angle over the ocean.

Suddenly I feel the mossy cover of the ground I realize I have less than a quarter mile to get ready for my divers jump, far enough away from the rocks that i can just go.

Then I could smell the dark musk of the Siouan protectors. They’re easy distinguished beings. Heath was Sukcakega descendant from a long line of red Shifters, bloodied from their fathers battles. His form was the strongest in the forest, the wolverine,He was the first of his clan to have a coat of a creamy amber, the lightest Shifter. I sensed Heath’s alertness his readiness to pounce at me to halt my Olympic jump into the vast ocean. I turned a quarter step allowing Victor to get closer. 20 seconds to launch. I wanted to see him before I leaped to certain peril This is it, I am finally ready to die for a just cause.


Speed. Adrenaline. Focus. Pulse. Blood. The sweet smell of crimson life.
Thinking of blood flowing through the animal’s veins brought my hunger to a dead stop in my throat. No pun intended, but thinking of it really makes me edgy. Victor is teaching me the ways of ignoring human blood at all costs while slowing the urge to feed all the time. He jokingly calls it ADVD; Attention Deficit Vampire Disorder. I makes me feel better when he puts a spin on all the horrific things i could do.

I was found by his fathers hands. Reinn, his covens father uses his gift of telepathy to find his clans’ eternal partners. Though I am thankful for his gracious acceptance towards me, I know why he only picks certain people. He needs to build his army. His wife Susan, saw a war would break out between the Laxdale leaders when she was first turned in the late 14th century. She saw a war that would reveal the existence of their kind.

This war comes closer with every passing year. Susan has since been interpreting the backround of her visions to find the date of this attack. Now she is very certain that in the next 5 years this war will break out. Reinn has since been finding the mortals in the vision to turn them into his army she saw. He found Victor along with his siblings, Vivian, Joseph, Reimond and Andrina in 1535. They were dieing of the plague in Romania. Susan foretold that if Reinn let them die the would never win the war. Then after their distant searching that found 170 more of the army in 400 years. Now, He has over 500 loyal members of the Bestia Clan of the west.The hardest part he told me once was waiting until they were of age to turn them.

He told me he knew to turn me when I was only 4 years old. He saw my ability to learn everything about an object or person by touching it. Then he saw me do for it the first time when I wanted to know my Christmas presents. He thought it was very amusing. Then once I graduated high school he found me at my auto repair & collecting studio studying my latest addition, a mint '65 Ford Mustang. I wanted to see its' past passengers.But there was nothing. Completely empty of life. I only saw the factory and some workers. I have to focus harder.

"Hello Natalie, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person." A man stood at the entrance of her Studio, behind him a black limo idled. I would guess he is around 25-years-old. Dressed in a dark suit and tie with a black business case. There was something about him I did not trust. Perhaps it was his appearance, his bleach white teeth, the Sandy blond locks around his porcelain skin. No, I think it is his eyes. Pure Granite. They look like they could be made of pure stone.

"The names Natty, Natty Coleman." I snapped at him I really do not like formalities.

"My apologies, Natty. I am Victor Pavel, My father Reinn Pavel has sent me to extend an invitation to you."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Pavel, but may I ask what you are inviting me to?" He was puzzling me, his calm features were unnerving. I felt as though he was hiding something from me. Something that was making me curve through his mind. If only he would come closer.

"My father also loves collecting, He loves 13th century antiques such as the Original Crest plate of Laxdale. He heard about your extraordinary talent for knowing things. He was wondering if you would want to have dinner with our family and colleagues at the 100th annual Laxdale Ball. He would love to discuss with you about your Collection Studio along with the Crest." He paused for a moment then continued " To be completely honest, he was hoping you could possibly show off to his beneficiaries." His facial expression never changed. I feel as though he knows too much about me to be just a normal rich boy. Though I found him to be charming, he also struck me as untrustworthy.

"Well, I am flattered by his invitation, but I am afraid I must decline You see, I am not prepared to be a party favor quite yet. There are a lot of preparations to take, and I don't even have a proper evening gown to wear." I was hoping he was to stuck up to catch my small insult.

"Nonsense, my father has gladly informed me that he can make all of the arrangements for you. Here this is all of the information you will need on the items he may or may not ask you to look at." He reached into his case and grabbed a large manila envelope and handed it to me "And as for your evening gown goes, my father has arranged a tailored gown at Tiffany's for you if you choose to arrive."

"Well I guess your father has left me no choice has he? Well I suppose I could drop in, What time did you say to be there?" He looked as though he had won the Chess Title in Los Angles.

"9:00, at Pavel Mansion, the invitation is in the envelope. Would you like me to call in a limo for you, or would you like to arrive in style Natty?" As he said this he glanced at my assorted collection of American muscle all the way to my newer European cars.

"I believe my newest addition deserves a ride around town actually." I replied with a slight smirk upon my face.

"Great, I will see you there Natty, 9 o'clock. If you have any troubles call me, my number is on the back of the invitation." He held out he hand slightly distant to shake.

I took his hand expecting a curve of memories to flood into my head but surprisingly there was nothing but a firm grip hold my hand. He seemed have the urge to smile he held it in. "Yes, 9 o'clock Laxdale Mansion Mr. Pavel, I will see you there."

"Please, call me Victor."

"Alright Victor, it was a pleasure to meet you and I will see you in about 10 hours then."
He smiled politely then walked back to his idling limo and got in. This was going to be an interesting night, I could tell.

((I Will continue this in the morning.))